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There's a problem loading this menu right now. Her backstory reaffirmed everything I felt about her. Yes they had the normal we fight, we argue, we say sorry, we have sex, and boom everything is ok. She lets him until he does something she doesn't like, then they have a big argument, they break up, they have sex after a little while, and boom, they're back together. I know I know, after how much crap I gave the first three how could this happen. Being invested to fictional characters is something amazing. Readers have to remember that they did rush into things, but their was this magnetic connection that was pulling them together faster than they may have been able to bare. Imagine my surprise when I couldn't stop thinking about these characters even after I would put the books down. I can definitely read this over and over again and would definitely recommend anyone giving this series a chance. At first I thought that this series was ridiculous but after powering through it I actually completely understand it's madness. I am finally done with The After Series. Anna stammt aus Ohio und lebt mit ihrem Ehemann und ihrem Sohn in Los Angeles. The relationship is messed up in so many ways just like so many reviews told me it would be. Ihre Leserstimme wird mit dem von Ihnen angegebenen Namen auch an Dritte (z.B. After they had been through so much together having them split apart and not get married is frankly very disappointing and has put me off watching any film or reading any of your books. Ich liebe dieses Buch, allein ich liebe diese Idee bzw. We begin with a third-person narrative of Hardin as a boy—his dreams and disappointments that would shape the kind of young man he would become. And it doesn’t. Welcome back. Can’t wait for the movie. Manche Leute meinen es ist zu viel hin und her mit Hardin und Tessa, ich finde nicht. We then jump to a series of his ex-lovers’ perspectives: First is Natalie, the church-going London girl whose life he ruined by making a bet similar to how he did with Tessa in After. They both hit rock bottom in their relationship but in the end true love is what brought them together. Hollywood producers, directors, and actors are continuing their obsession... Tessa and Hardin have defied all the odds, but will their fairy tale ending be turned on its head? I was super disappointed in Hardin’s behavior and lack of respect for Tessa while they were in London. Have you ever had some books that you love them so much that you feel obligated to defend it. I didn’t enjoy the scenes about Zed and Landon very much. Hardin also made a big change in his life by finally tackling his aggression, obsession and life. I knew going into it that the third book in the After series would be a rough ride. At first I thought that this series was ridiculous but after powering through it I actually completely understand it's madness. Thankyou, Blanca! Just saw your instagram comment. I can’t wait! Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2020. Der zweite Teil gefällt mir sogar noch besser als der erste. Tessa and Hardin's relationship is built on lies from the very beginning. Anna Todd ist die »New York Times«-Bestsellerautorin der AFTER-Serie, des Romans DIE SPRING GIRLS und der STARS-Serie.

Characters that, and I quote, ".

Realistically, I don't think that the relationship was abusive. Was there a specific scene you liked the most?! By the end of the series not only did I feel like I knew the characters personally. The middle section of the book is all of the scenes between Tessa and Hardin that we only saw from her perspective. Es wird sich schon irgendwie regeln, aber der Weg dahin ist vermutlich ... ziemlich crazy. Fazit Hier bekommen Tessa-Fans Einblicke in Anna Todds Lesereise, erfahren ungeahnte Geheimnisse um Tessa und Hardin, lernen erstaunliche Fakten zur After-Reihe und kommen in den Genuss einer Leseprobe zu After Passion, Before us und Nothing more. Why am I subjecting myself to this? So with that in mind, let’s get back to Tessa and Hardin. They were in this exhausting state of bliss as parents to their children, and it was so achingly heart-warming. But his love is never reciprocated. Like Tessa, she was always too good for Hardin and his horrible friends. I feel like I have been reading about Tessa and Hardin forever, even though it's only been less than two weeks. It was really unexpecting how emotional this book made me. Es ist so WOW das sich jemand für eine Person unbedingt ändern will. This beautiful,magic and emotional journey has come to its end. Their sweet moment might be nice and perfect, but there are so few of those and the rest of their relationship is spent screaming at each other. Trish reminded me of Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. The added backstory also helped me to not have such a strong dislike for Noah (he was too boring and squeaky clean in the other books).

Loved the epilogue.. Book Five of the After series—Anna Todd’s Wattpad fanfiction that racked up one billion reads online and captivated romance readers across the globe! what an emotional rollercoaster. Hardin was the product of a year-long affair between Trish Powelland Christian Vance, the best-friend of Trish's husband, Ken Scott. Hardin questions Noah’s sexuality when he learns that Noah has never attempted to do more than kiss Tessa.

Colleen Hover. Ich finde, er liest sich auch viel leichter. And as we learn, it was her father’s abandonment that made her mother turn into the cynical creature she is today. So, it is over. Nothing changes but the scene. Ihr Verlangen nach dem unberechenbaren Mann mit den grünen Augen ist immer noch zu stark. Tessa ist längst nicht mehr das süße Good Girl, das sie einmal war. And Hardin knew that, carrying the guilt of what he did to her for years. This beautiful,magic and emotional journey has come to its end. Yep, that is it. Because their relationship should not be goals, it should not be a relationship you want for yourself. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon.

Hardin then spends the majority of After We Collided trying to make amends for the horrible choices that drove Tessa away. Anna Todd ist die »New York Times«-Bestsellerautorin der AFTER-Serie, des Romans SPRING GIRLS und der STARS-Serie. I have to say, it was almost like a "Fifty Shades of Gray" but college version. , The books are really nice. Anna Todd did a fantastic job with the series! It's not a healthy relationship at all. In my previous review of After Ever Happy, I expressed that I wish I could’ve enjoyed the lifelong happiness Hardin and Tessa found together.

Christian suspected that Har… Und wie immer hätte ich das Ende nicht so erwartet! ANNA TODD (Author/Writer/Producer) is the New York Times bestselling author of the After series of books, The Spring Girls, and the recent The Brightest Stars.

I even cried a little toward the end! I miss them already actually. Well, the journey is over and I really liked this book. They are young, but also throughout the books they were also still getting to know each other externally and internally. The book ends with this cliffhanger. It seems like yesterday when I bought a greek copy of the first book.

Wenn Sie in Ihrer Rezension Details aus dem Inhalt verraten, kennzeichnen Sie diese bitte rechtzeitig mit dem darüberstehenden Hinweis. ihrer Produkte, auch in gekürzter oder in sonstiger Weise bearbeiteten Form, unentgeltlich zur Verfügung zu stellen. Finally. I would write a detailed synopsis, but what is the point? We see an imperfect family man completely in love with Hardin’s mother, Trish. Start by marking “After Ever Happy (After, #4)” as Want to Read: Error rating book. So, here we go… (some spoilers ahead). And then reading about the years and years of them being apart was incredibly heartbreaking to me. What is with the wording of the title? I was just very aware of how crazy and destructive the relationship I was reading was, I guess. I actually really enjoyed this book. I am so fucking going to miss them. Plus, after slogging through the 2,104 pages of the first three books... no way was I giving up now. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. I feel like I have been reading about Tessa and Hardin forever, even though it's only been less than two weeks. Hardin spricht Tessa an und besteht darauf, dass sie „neu anfangen“, woraufhin er sie zu seinem Lieblingsort, einem See, einlädt. The book begins with Hardin throwing a tantrum and destroying a bar. Loves K-dramas and video games. After so much time apart, we see nothing has changed between them.

I started to get annoyed with Tessa as a person because of all her whining. If you’ve read the other four books in the After series, then you might also consider picking up Before by Anna Todd and giving this companion novel a read. I definitely love the first book because it started it all, but I’d say After We Collided was really good, too!

While the third book had awful things happen, After Ever Happy was awful and hard in its own way. Check this box if you like fun updates and giveaways! But what's done is done, and these books are blessedly in that category. . Hardin tries to control Tessa's life.

I personally don't think Anna's vision was to say that it's ok to be in an abusive relationship. Mehr über die Autorin auf AnnaTodd.com, bei Twitter unter @AnnaTodd, auf Instagram unter @AnnaTodd und auf Wattpad unter Imaginator1D. Then we jump to Molly, a character I thought I’d hate most in these books. The second book ends with Hardin and Tessa walking out of a tattoo parlor together. He’s in too deep. Getting her backstory did cause me to reexamine my feelings toward her, but I still probably dislike her second-most. Sie ist an der Verfilmung von AFTER TRUTH, der Fortsetzung von AFTER PASSION, als Produzentin und Regisseurin beteiligt. Then he decides to destroy his relationship with Tessa. I read this series on Wattpad. Extrem aufregend. What's another 500 pages at this point? I feel like Hardin and Tessa finally tackled their issues and made bold, but necessary choices for their lifes that both helped them grow and finally realize what's important.

Check this box if you like fun updates and giveaways! The second book ends with Hardin and Tessa walking out of a tattoo parlor together. Before buying this book I never thought that would impact me so much, that through my veins would run hardin and tessa´s blood. Current price is $16.47. It takes a big person to rise above all that. They go back and forth for about 400 pages. AWF opens with a flashback from Tessa’s childhood.

Ist es seine Geschichte, die zählt, oder sein Instinkt? I rated them the best I could at the time. As much as I hated this series, this last book won me over. Und Hardin nicht mehr der unberechenbare Bad Guy, in den sie sich leidenschaftlich verliebt hat. There were several moments in reading it that I wondered if anything would turn out good at all. Oy. I love this Book Von: Lena 21.05.2020. All relationships have some type of give and take.

However, this time around they aren't the sole focus of the book.

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