trine 4 gossamer grove checkpoint 12

Place it on the right air flower and angle it so the water flows down into the flower below, as shown in the image below. Your email address will not be published. Stomp on the tree stump to lower it and enter this next area. You will come across an area with the bouncing ball. Shoot the log with a fairy rope above and reel it out to raise it as high as possible. Kill these off for ten skill XP (21-30). This will take you to an area with the waterwheel. Now connect another rope from from the top of that raised platform to the hook on the left wall. Hop on the cube and place a dream shield to reflect the water to the upper right as shown below. Conjure a ball and charge it up the ramp. This item can be found in the are where a wooden platform lowers itself from the top. Start off by breaking the box in the top left for an upgrade XP (54) and floating up to the five upgrade XP (55-59) in the top right. Instead of going left, head up through the crack at the top. Break the nut in the tree for an upgrade XP (71). Stomp down on the wooden log that is buried in the ground. Conjure another plank and connect a fairy rope to it and the loop that you used to climb up here. Kill them for ten skill XP (11-20). You'll see some spikes under the platform before the chasm. Jump to the leaf for an upgrade XP (45). Jump to the upgrade XP (19) in the air above. Use it to swing across the pit below to the lower platform for an upgrade XP (24). The air flower to the right is a distraction here. Now stomp on the tree stump to reveal a hidden cave to the left with three more upgrade XP (21-23). Drop down and go through the open door to the right. Place two cubes on the higher platform here and use them to reach a hidden five upgrade XP (26-30) above the wheel. While some collectibles are placed in plain sight, others require you to solve little puzzles to reach their locations. Collectible #1 – The Broken Dream Talisman. Zoya's nightmare will have three items floating around her at all times. This collectible will be in the large tree that you enter. Conjure a plank and place it on the two wooden supports past the leaf. Pull the branch to the left and hook it onto the loop to the left. Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Walkthrough and Guide. Charge it to break the crystal ceiling to the left. Ride the air flowers here and collect the four upgrade XP (34-37) in this puzzle as you make your way to the right side of this chasm. Enter the next room and break the three crates to the right for an upgrade XP (103). Pick up the upgrade XP (33) at the top and use this to jump to the next platform ahead. This puzzle will require the use of three planks. Climb out of the cave and up the leaves to the left to continue upward. Now destroy the cube and conjure another plank. Levitate it up to the two supports in the middle of this small pit. Continue to the right and climb up the platform. Hop on the right box to reach the higher platform. Jump into them to collect them. You will come across a small circular area, with the collectible on the top left of a structure. Hook onto the loop in the upper right and simply pull yourself up here to reach the platform by reeling the rope in. It's now time to fight Zoya's nightmare. At the next door, hook onto the platform above and pull it to the left. It'll ride all the way up the track. Checkpoint 12. You will need to freeze it to stop it from closing again. You'll see a platform with a spot you can place a cube to lower the bridge. Place a steel ball on the mushrooms and slowly roll it to the right. Use it to lift the platform to the right. Connect it to the loop on the ground below to keep the cube high in the air, holding the log as shown in the image below. Pick up the upgrade XP (38) when the path opens up to your right. Now conjure two cubes next to each other and connect them with a rope arrow. Connect a fairy rope to the log in the mushroom pit and hook it to the loop where you're standing. Jump on the left side of the plank and place a dream shield to angle the water to the right. Here you can collect the Seesaw part. Once you reach that platform. Levitate it out of the way to enter a hidden cave. You need to go all the way to the top here, where the letter will be next to three Purple items. Shoot it down for the first upgrade XP (1) of this level. Create a fairy rope on the platform across the next chasm and connect it to the loop where you are. Now drop down as Zoya and quickly hook onto the bottom of the plank. Conjure a plank and put it on the edge of this platform. Total Experience - 50 Skill XP & 100 Upgrade XP. Climb up to the other platform and jump to get to it at the top. Collectible #1 – Archivist’s Filing Cabinet. Now jump to the ledge on the right wall and rotate the plank so it's pointing to the crystal wall in the top right corner. Now conjure a cube and place it by the door that opens. You'll enter a fight with a hedgehog, archer, spirit, and two wolves. Now continue to the right and you'll enter a fight with a large spirit, two wolves, and two spirits. Stomp it down with Pontius to open up the path and continue to the right. Use the hooks above to pull yourself up when necessary. Use Pontius' shield to reflect the water into the plant to the right to make it bloom, releasing five upgrade XP (14-18). You need to head left in this area where the amber will be on the top right. You'll collect two upgrade XP (83 & 84) as you enter the cave. While hanging on this ledge, levitate the cube on the right so that it's stacked on the other two cubes. Just use Pontius' shield to reflect the water the rest of the way as shown in the image below. Climb the platforms ahead and you will soon see a nut hanging in a tree. Stomp on the round log in the ground twice to reveal a hidden cave with two upgrade XP (98 & 99). Ride it down and pick up the final upgrade XP (100) of this level. Leave a little bit of space between them. Connect it to the cube on the ground. Jump so the plank will float up to the conjured cube. You will need to jump up to spot it as it can easily be missed. This item can be found at the area where there are a series of waterfalls dropping from above. In this Trine 4 Collectibles Locations Guide, we will show you all the location of the collectibles you can find in the game. When you're on the right plank, destroy the left plank, and conjure a cube to place on the right side of the plank that's remaining. Hop in this cave for seven upgrade XP (39-45) and a seesaw knicknack. Jump across the leaves to the right and you'll see airflow going up. You need to climb all the way to the top from the inside of the tree. Now conjure a plank and place it on the cube as shown in the image below. Collect the two upgrade XP (12 & 13) while you fight. In the Gossamer Grove, you will come across an area where the platform will end, but a secret area will be right beneath this platform. Every time you destroy an object, she will begin with a rain of arrows attack. You'll enter a fight with a large armored badger, 2 wolves, and 2 archers. Pick up the upgrade XP (99) and then hook onto the platform on the track. Move the key to the door and proceed onward. Use this to reach the next platform above. Connect a fairy rope to the top cube and unreel the rope to have it float high in the air. Crown - This will put shields on her. Amadeus can help the poor bear here by levitating the spike ball out of his paw. You'll probably pick up the two upgrade XP (116 & 117) on the wheel platforms without even realizing it this fight. Climb up the flower here to the platform above. Make sure to use the hooks above to reel yourself up out of harm when they're low. Amadeus can now levitate the key from above into the door below. Jump to the tree branch above the mushrooms for an upgrade XP (66). Connect it to the lower box to lock it in place and use it as a platform to reach the next platform above. Zoya will have to connect a fairy rope to the block. Pull the branch back to the left as far as you can and shoot an ice arrow at it to lock it into place. This item can be found in the area where there are three fiery projectiles that dropdown. Again, hook a fairy rope to the box and move it as high as it can go. Once you kill these off, you'll get ten skill XP (1-10). Kill them for ten skill XP (31-40). This takes you to an area on the left where you need to use T platform to break the wall on the left that takes you to the Chandelier part. This collectible will be in the area where a platform will be swinging left to right like a pendulum. Place a fairy rope on the platform at the bottom of the wheel and hook it onto the loop on the ground. Climb up and take the item. Unreel your rope so the cube floats as high as it can go. Place a conjured ball in the mushroom pit below and use it to collect the three upgrade XP (15-17) below. Now climb the ledge to the right to reach this platform and continue upward for an upgrade XP (14). You want to conjure a cube and quickly hook onto it with Zoya's rope arrow before it falls down the pit. Now conjure a cube and move it to the upper right platform. Jump from platform to platform on this wheel to get it spinning. Zoya will have to drop down below the rope and hook onto the box. 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I suggest placing a plank on the right edge to give yourself a little extra room to make the jump. Hop down to the branch when it snaps back downwards. Move ahead and you'll see four air flowers with a crate on the second one. Connect the two with a rope arrow and cross it to reach the platform above. Drop down and continue to the right. Stick a box on its spikes and use it to go to the small area on the top. You'll see large blue sections of the screen appear. Connect it to the cube on the ground. You will now enter a fight with a spider being shielding by a large badger and a spirit. This collectible will be in the location where you will find the hostile projectiles passing vertical on both sides. Ride up the airflow when it blooms. This will take you down to another area underground with two swinging platforms. Head to the right for the boss of this level. Move ahead and form a rope bridge on the first two hooks. One of the wolves is shielded by the top left spirit. You'll see five upgrade XP (67-71) up here. Connect a rope bridge from the cube to the frozen platform as shown below. Pick up the upgrade XP (10) as you get on the rope bridge.

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