war thunder british tanks bad

Cookies help us deliver our Services. At tier 1 they’re a bit of a pain because they are so vulnerable and don’t usually have a reverse.

Almost every other tank in the game would be able to kill the Panther in one hit in the turret. FV does have a slow reverse, but better than the Cromwell etc super slow, FV is also like the Centurions pretty slow for a medium, max 37 or so kph. I would probably slap talisman on this tank because he is going to be your bread and butter to unlock brit tier III. © Valve Corporation. I want to try out British tanks but I just don't have a play style locked down. Well my son here at the british tank school you can EASILY outmanoeuvre your enemies, so long as that manoeuvre is in a straight line forwards, remember m8 only the french need reverse gears, What to blow your enemies apart with massive firepower? Also the premium STRV, a Centurion 3 with 3 rockets, doesn’t seem significantly better than the Cent 3 to me but a lot of people like it. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. They only have 2 tanks that use AP with an explosive filler (Sherman II and A1E1), so they are left with solid shot that is harder to use. First off, the ammo. Medium line has better tanks down the line but you might as well unlock them with FV and Caern. I personally think 2.7 to 4.0 is the best area for UK. Once you reach maybe 4.7 or so, it's all pain from then onwards. Very effective against Panthers as their UFP is easily penned. Tigers have all sorts of odd buggy bits that you can’t pen, and the IS series are worst with huge effective armour thicknesses at places, but you can get them. This. Matilda, Grant, and Crusader III are amazing in BR 2.7, good armour from 2 of them, good firepower from the other 2. in 3.0 to 3.7 you got Churchill I, Valentines, Cromwells (amazing tank), and Sherman II to pull you through. Ive played the Strv, Cheiftains, and everything inbetween an awful lot. And it dies to a fire (which I have no idea what caused it) and not my actual shots. The Centurions though make the medium line worth grinding. FV has also extra strong strip of turret armour (240 mm), it’s not perfect as the heavily sloped turret top is over-penned too easily especially by 85 mm shells, but it can stop almost everything it sees when hull down at sufficient range. This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Though my fave BR is... 4.0, Churchill III, Achillies, Excelsior, with a Sherman II or Cromwell for support. But the AP and APDS rounds don't damage anything that is not hit directly.The Panther II is particularly difficult, because there is no ammo rack inside the turret and the gunner is in the lower left, which I cannot shoot from my position. I havent played anything below the 17 pounders in ages. What are you a pansy frenchman hiding in a box? Your enemies will get more and more armour, firepower, and mobility, while you languish in the same sort of crap you had at 1.0. I think that skipping medium tank in favor of heavies and SPGs is better. The most effective lineup I had was the Churchill MkVII and the Firefly, if only because I rushed down the Churchill line to get that FV4202 ASAP, after you get that tank then everything is beautiful and dies quicker. If you have the willpower to grind until you get Caernarvon, its pretty fun. Notably good tanks in tier III that will be your staples to unlock tier IV are Churchil mk VII and Avenger. The damage done by any form of AP except the specials (T34 AP, the US T34 that is, and the APFSDS of late high tier tanks) is inadequate and too variable. BR 6.7 brings in the Caernarvon, still has a gigantic weak spot at the turret ring that used to get you killed by 0.5” msg, but overall a Centurion with better armour, but not great armour. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, ️Your️dank️memes️can't️melt my️Kruppstahl️. With all these powerful but low damage guns often head-on shots work best as it places the max number of enemy crew in the potential spall cone. But, they do get APDS earlier then other nations and have lots of HESH firing tanks. Players like that don’t have to even try to beat you. no instead to make it MUCH more fun we at the British tank design team have made it so you will be individually sniping crews out of the enemy tank one shell at the time! BR 6.0 has only the Black Prince now, a premium. The most important thing is to skip the rage-inducing, bad, overtiered and underperforming crappy medium like (firefly, comet, challenger) and go for FV4202 and Caernarvon anyways. Brits have their moments in my experience. Simple until you've rammed a KV1 with a full speed Cromwell whilst playing the "squadron 633" theme in the background you've not played War Thunder. The biggest annoyance is the performance of AP/APDS and the variability or damage. But until you get it, its gonna be absolute torture. The Crusader has no armour and is slower than the Cromwell but has the higher pen 6 pounder (57 mm) and an actual reverse. You then get a very capable line-up at BR 3.0 with th first Cromwell, Valentine XI, 3 Inch Gun Carriage, Crusader III, and the AC Mk II SPAA. It is a tough BR with Tiger I and Panther D, plus hordes of T-34-85, IS-1/2, Jumbo 76; and you get up-tiered al, the way to 6.7 up to 80% of the time (my recent experience is around 80%). I would start by researching Crusader mk III, it has great mobility and good gun. Comet is an improvement but has the classic Cromwell problems of paper armour despite having a 120mm turret front and no reverse. And oh god that stabilizer and gun depression firing APDS on the move against unsuspecting enemies, glorious! It is possible to direct hit anything in an enemy tank and do absolutely no damage, so a direct hit on a gunner may not even wound them. Panthers are especially vulnerable to APDS through the UFP, and if you get a little elevation at not too long a range the 84 mm can do the same to a Tiger II UFP, which always surprises the heck out of Tiger II drivers. Loading... Unsubscribe from LordMardur? Post pen effects of solid shot rounds has improved a lot. Remember too that APDS has better pen, but can be the most variable damage wise because of the small projectile size. Only the early heavy tanks look like a pain to me (up to the FV4202), Comet is dope tho and Churchill is fun when not uptiered to bounce literally everything. I've heard a lot of people to never go down british tanks. You don’t get much AA, the Crusader Mk I is not very good. The problem with British tanks is the under-performing AP ammo compared to say the Russians who get the nuke-like APHE and the fact you need to grind the decent ammo AND parts/fpe/crew to fight on an even(ish) level. Press J to jump to the feed.

British tanks typically have a) no armour, b) no explosive filler in their ammo, c) no mobility (in some cases they lack reverse speed, in some cases they lack any speed). Churchill has amazing armour and okay firepower, Achillies can pen everything it see's, and Cromwell is still amazing in BR 4.0. Of course sometimes it works, you shoot and you do damage, just not reliably so. But the 84 mm is pretty powerful (280 mm pen at 10 metres) and when your luck is in it can do a lot of damage quickly. here at the British Tanking school the only armour you need is a stiff upper lip and a well groomed handlebar above it, Want to drive fast? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. BR 4.7 is interesting, tougher than it used to be because of the Jumbo spam. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). How many hits can a Russian ammo rack take from a British tank before exploding? What about killing Tigers though? Its just the grind is more difficult because the tanks need more skill to play. Plus you get the Charioteer, also a Cromwell based unit, with only 5 degrees of depression and a longer reload.

That's what I really want them to do. ... 10 War Thunder Tanks Tips for New Players - … That helps, it isn’t the cure for all movement when driving but it saves the crash stop, wait for the gun to stop bobbing around, then shoot delay...mostly. All rights reserved. The Churchill VII can be very effective but you need a bit of luck. A LOT. They don't have any filler so most kills take several shots. BR 5.7 is the start of an improvement. WarThunder - This is why british tanks are bad LordMardur. BR 3.7 is tough, the Cromwell I doesn’t really cut it but the Sherman II with APHE helps a little. But you get the Centurion 1 which is good, same old APDS woes of no damage sometimes, but armour that works sometimes (front on, the sides are very weak), and wonder of wonders, a reverse. Next step would be to go for the only good tier II brit tank which is Sherman II. The next steps are a tricky because you start to meet T-34 and Pz IV F2 a lot and they can so easily one shot you, but you can cope. Its not that their bad. It does have support with both the Firefly and Avenger, unfortunately both have thin armour especially the Avenger, limited reverse, and only AP. The loader is being replaced, but all my shots do not even critically injure the loader again. Bonus meme points for researching Tortoise and FV4005. Depends, Firefly I can agree is poor, high profile, limited depression, poor armour but it can reverse.

More in depth than my previous reply: Try to play as a sniper with the 17Pdr because going solo and expecting to OHK anything is a dream that won’t happen, try to stick with the group and pick off enemies trying to flank your team mates or provide long range support from vantage points, if the enemy looks at you RUN AWAY AND RELOCATE. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Of course when RNJesus frowns at you as it will, you will do zero damage to even a light tank. Backing that up are the Challenger - a lot of people hate this and it has all the drawbacks of the Cromwell it is based on like no armour and no reverse and a huge high turret. The armour sounds great but there are a lot of weak points that knowledgeable players can exploit. How many hits can an ammo rack take before exploding? The game is based around combined arms battles on air, land, and sea with vehicles from the Spanish Civil War to today.

Do tell. The next two BR’s have the problem that they are thinly populated, just the AC Thunderbolt at 5 (ignoring the Crusader Mk I SPAA) and the Comet at 5.3. The tiger spam is real. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. You will see near non-stop uptiered to 6.7 plus, and you used to see IS-6 every second game at least and they were essentially invulnerable to APDS front and sides. The problem with British tanks is the under-performing AP ammo compared to say the Russians who get the nuke-like APHE and the fact you need to grind the decent ammo AND parts/fpe/crew to fight on an even(ish) level. A good T-34 driver can one shot you reasonably consistently for example, but if the enemy can’t target those it is great for taking and especially holding cap points, but it is damn slow. PAH where's the fun in that?

Simple lad here's how you play British tanks: Want to shrug off enemy fire with your massive armour?

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