who did tenchi finally choose

Mikamo is his traveling companion, a sentient robot who acts as A.I. When he started to manifest his higher self, it almost automatically destroyed all of existence itself, forcing the Goddesses, and his own trained future self, to step in and prevent a catastrophe (in the new "altered" timeline, when Noike secretly fired the Choubimaru's cannon to collide with the Earth, again to preserve her future, Tenchi projects his Light Hawk Wings to stop it, a total of six wings, rather than the usual 3 wings he had before event.). Tenchi refuses to believe it at first, but after Washu shows him her data which is a definitive proof, he runs to Sakuya's house. Before her death, Achika gave Tenchi his crystal necklace as an heirloom and a memento of her, which would play a crucial role throughout the series. Based on the OVA series and branching off after episode 13.5. It was while Kiriko was working in the G.P. Washu eventually returned to Earth. Once there he is pleased to find Ryōko has unwittingly collected all that he desires – Jurai's heir (Yōshō) and its royal princesses, (Ayeka Masaki Jurai and Sasami Masaki Jurai). Biden says he will  MANDATE wearing masks. He is a Juraian scientist who specialized in swords and swordplay, and even designed the energy sword used by Ryoko. Minaho and Tenchi take some time to get to know each other, with Minaho joking that she was thinking of making Tenchi hers (her husband). Tsunami-fune is officially listed as belonging to Sasami. Asahi Takebe (建部 旭, Takebe Asahi) is a fictional character from the Tenchi Muyo! Within the pirate guild, however, Ryoko had few friends, and was hostile to Tarant Shank, the guild's vilest member. It was on board Tsunami-fune that Seto Jurai treated the five to an impromptu party, which involved plenty of the rare libation Shinju sake. Sasami is the only person, in the manga or the anime, that Tenchi has said the words "I love you" to. Posing in a human disguise to hide his Wau features, Sabato was keeping an eye on Achika by posing as a student in her class. Legend has it that the Tenju was created from the giant body of Tsunami-kami-sama. He also said that there was a trend to have a bunch of characters of one gender and a single one of the other gender, and asked what if Mackey (Sylia's brother) was a main character, reversing the Bubblegum scenario. First appearing in OVA 1 episode 4, she is the owner and manager of an Onsen (regularly visited by members of the Masaki family/village), and Tenchi's great-aunt on his father's side (making her also a descendant of Yosho's through his first wife, Kasumi (a niece of his mother, the Empress Funaho, not to be mistaken with Tenchi's cousin Kasumi, Taro's mother, who was named for her)). When Wahanly had tow lines attached to the Swan, was power also being supplied to the ship since it wasn’t expected to be able to travel the way it did? Collectively they're able to smash the extraordinary amount of mass into harmless particles instantaneously, saving the planet and everyone on it. Nobuyuki Masaki is Tenchi's father, and works in the city as an architect. However, the way she introduced herself to him was terribly frightening to Tenchi, so he distanced himself from her for a long time. What are good superpowers for a black girl superhero? Grief-stricken over the loss, Washu attempted to clone Naja as some means of bringing her friend back by combining a lifeform known as Masu and Naja's own DNA. Although Misao had appoligized for the incident, Mashisu was so enrapured with the young boy she didn't hear the apology, and gave Misao a vicious headlock as a result. Flashy with an exaggerated sense of style (he rigs his own light show and cherry blossoms for special effects), Seiryō sees the events from a skewed point of view, believing the princesses to be confined in a dump much worse than a prison cell. Unlike Ryoko, also, she decides to stay on Earth; she aids Washu with her research about Yugi (she's the one who discovers Yugi's background) and attempts to protect Sasami and the Masaki household, ending up seriously injured by Matori. But while Tenchi is able to regenerate, Kagato finds he can not. Ryoko Balta (リョーコ・バルタ, Ryōko Baruta) is a fictional character in the Tenchi Muyo! In the Pretty Sammy OAV series, Ryo-Ohki can speak and is male. https://tenchi.fandom.com/wiki/Washu_Hakubi?oldid=19663. GXP, a television spinoff from the original OVAs. Tenchi showed no interest in joining the GP. Mihoshi tied the competition in a contest of drawing lots, leading to the final round: hand to hand combat between Washū and Dark Washū. officers to arrest them. Sometime later, she would move in with Nobuyuki at an apartment near the site of the house that Nobuyuki designed during Kiyone's lifetime (that house would be moved near the family shrine, destroyed when Mihoshi crashed into it, and rebuilt at the same site). He is also the reason that Azusa came to meet Funaho, as he had lost in battle against Kagato and fled to Earth. In Okuda's manga, Kagato reappears in the form of a clone who holds all the memories of the original, but has a much more submissive personality and acts merely as a subordinate to a former student of the original. Tenchi would find excuses to go out and see Excel right under Ryoko’s and Aeka’s nose. Mihoshi's mother Mitoto also works for the Galaxy Police, as a cleaning lady. Tenchi is revealed to be a "potential," a person who can wield power from a higher dimension, ie: the Light Hawk Wings. However, it took a little longer for Mashisu to persuade Misao to join the crew... which resulted in Misao trying to shield Mashisu from an explosion. Seina is initially very disposed against what he thinks is an attempt to force the girls into marrying him, but is later persuaded that they are doing so out of their own free wills. franchise, currently exclusive to Hitoshi Okuda's No Need for Tenchi! She only had eyes for Ilpalazzo-sama and wouldn’t give me the time of day.”. Kagato is initially surprised, as the power from Tsunami that allows Light-Hawk-Wings to be created has been cut off from the rest of the universe, but he quickly realises that these Wings come from within Tenchi himself and do not rely on any connection to Tsunami. This feat is noted by Noike when she speaks to Tenchi in OVA 3. Ryō-Ohki. She also has moved across the street from Sasami and Tenchi's house and it was never established if she knew Pretty Sammy's secret identity. In 1997, an American comic published by Pioneer wrote of a more sinister offshoot named "Inferno". Taking his frustrations out on Yataka (long past ready to throw in the towel), Mikamo screams at his uselessness as a pawn, although he's quick to stop in the face of something even more maddening - Tenchi wanting to put an end to the fighting by daring to show him mercy. Tsunami-kami-sama, along with her sisters Washu-kami-sama and Tokimi-kami-sama, were in existence before time and space began, and have spent at least trillions of years working towards locating a certain individual, a being who was as powerful compared to them as they are to ordinary beings, presumably created them as an experiment, just as they created all of the rest of existence – and as such outside of and greater than even the hyperdimensional space that they inhabit. Yume and Hishima returned in Volume 8 ("Brain Drain") of The All-New Tenchi Muyo! The clash of energy was considerable, causing a rip in space which Tsunami herself was forced to repair. Airi Masaki (柾木 アイリ, Masaki Airi) is a fictional character in the anime Tenchi Muyo!, making her first animated appearance in the third part of the OVA series and its spinoff, Tenchi Muyo! Unfortunately, both children died in an accident which most likely resulted in "Washu's Pore," a huge crater at the Academy. Like the OAV version, he speaks while in "cabbit" form. Tome, the second cook of the restaurant, goes to Sasami with a request; throw the match, as Kazuma might be used as a puppet by his dad for the rest of his life otherwise. Funaho appears in the story "A Carrot A Day" (Volume 1: "Alien Nation" of Hitoshi Okuda's manga series The All-New Tenchi Muyo! GXP, Tenchi Muyo! Rea Masaki (正木 玲亜, Masaki Reia) is a fictional character in the Tenchi Muyo! manga series, published in the U.S. by VIZ Media. An abbreviated version of her tale in Tenchi Muyo in Love! Terrified now, Shank sacrifices his own ships and men to buy time, ordering his crew to jump into hyperspace to escape. This attitude could be attributed to the fact that Kyoko is a highly guarded secret, so she does not get many visitors. In the Magical Girl Pretty Sammy OVA series, Tenchi Kawai (河合 天地, Kawai Tenchi) (as he is known in the show) is Sasami's older brother and a high school student. Once observed a location would be razed, whether it be populated or not, lest someone else replicate his research. But even after that Ryoko hadn't changed. Airi is also a master of the Neo-Academy fighting style, a martial art often employed during discussions and negotiation. However, Kagato is far too strong and skilled for the fight to go evenly. In this series, Ryoko is once again a space pirate, but she isn't a slave to anybody. Its turns out that Romio was once a magical girl, but was unable to fix the balance between earth and Juraihelm, and since then she has felt the earth is evil and wants to destroy it. The noise from Mihoshi's class has a tendency to bother Kiyone incessantly, and she would jump at the chance to prove that she is a better teacher than Mihoshi. i love the tencgi muyo series. After one of these contests shortly before Washu's capture by Kagato, the highly inebriated geniuses agreed on a contest to see who could conquer the Jurai Empire first, with the loser becoming the winner's slave. Kagato reasserts his control over Ryōko (Kagato's control manifests itself in Ryōko's eyes; when she possessed all three gems her eyes glowed red, but with only one gem the whites of her eyes became light green, the same color as Kagato's sword) and has her take Tenchi hostage as he interrogates; Ayeka, Mihoshi, and Sasami stand by as Kagato wonders if Tenchi is aware of the sword's power and whether the boy is suitable to unlock it. Even though they made some more episodes to the series, the 3rd Tenchi movie was to be the official end to the Tenchi series. and the manga series written by Hitoshi Okuda. Tama-chan generally got along well with the other members of the Masaki household, but behaved antagonistically toward Ryōko, seeming to mimic Ryōko's own behavior toward Ayeka. War on Geminar, Tenchi Universe, Tenchi in Tokyo, and Ai Tenchi Muyo!. Once again, Ryoko is a space pirate in this series. Gender The romanization of her name in the English productions is "Ayeka" instead of "Aeka" to clarify its pronunciation for Western viewers (ah-eh-ka). and the side of the ship. Most themes are similar to the film, except Achika does not transform and fight Kain by her lonesome. Mashisu confronted Misao on the Choubimaru's bridge, and was able to help him come to his senses and order the crew to abandon ship. Ayeka furious walks up to him and slaps him in the face. I think my joke way back when was that Tenchi was going to marry the little girl looking out the back of her vehicle in episode 9 (or possibly 10). GXP. The original OVA series Tenchi Muyo! She fights alongside Pretty Sammy and Pixy Misa against Romio, the would-be usurper. Each of the six girls took one of the gems as a keepsake. The clone, however, exhibited behavior much different from the real Naja. Also in the heat of battle, Kiriko tends to concentrate solely on battle and not on the environment around her – which was why when she approached Tarant Shank – covered in the blood of her previous opponents – she became surprised and then saddened to find that Seina was terrified of her. After that, Washu observed the final battle against Yugi, when she was transported to Yugi's dimension and at the end of the series went to work on a new Dimensional Tunnel by using the power of the gems. When Washū expressed reluctance to deactivate Dark Washū, the android grabbed her hand and forced her to do so. Ayeka is a rival of Ryoko for Tenchi's affections. Tenchi is introduced to his aunt Minaho for the first time since his mother's funeral, as well as several of his cousins who have been in space for the last while.

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