wordplay with the name sarah

In Modern Hebrew, "sarah" (שרה) is the female form of the word "minister". Yeah, I agree on you with that, but Claire is actually a beautiful name. Sarah is a feminine given name found in many different areas of the world. I also hate my last name and I hate the first letter of it as well. In the United States, Sarah has been counted among the top 150 given names since 1880, when name popularity statistics were first recorded in the United States. Zahra, [3], In Nazi Germany, female Jews who did not have "typically Jewish" given names were forced to add "Sarah" as of January 1939. Some famous bearers of this name include: Sarah Bernhardt, and Sarah Chalke. I must admit, the name has been super popular for a very long time, though - but so have names like Claire and Catherine. Sarai, It's a nice name and all, but I've met so many Sarah/Sara's lately that it feels stale and boring to me. Means "lady, princess, noblewoman" in Hebrew. The name Sarah is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "princess".. Sarah was derived from the Hebrew word sarah, meaning “princess.”Sarah is an Old Testament name—she was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. 1 decade ago. The only thing I dislike is people insisting that Sara is pronounced Sarah, when it is not, at least not where I come from. In the Old Testament this is the name of Abraham's wife, considered the matriarch of the Jewish people. Sallie, Knowledgewise J. According to the Book of Genesis, Sarah was originally called Sarai, but had her name changed by God to the more auspicious Sarah when she was ninety years old. I hate that it's common but in the end it's my name. Zarita, Sorcha 8 years ago. I know like 8 Sarah’s,sooo... I’d avoid this. Salley, I don't find Sarah plain at all, just uninspired. It is a consistently popular given name across Europe and North America, and the Middle East—being commonly used as a female first name by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike, and remaining popular also among non-religious members of cultures influenced by these religions. The Terminator killed 2 Sarah Connor's before he found the right one. Chara Sarah is a timeless classic, as perpetually stylish as it is traditional. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Sarah just sounds kind of plain to me, but that is just my opinion. Anonymous. Its most common variant spelling, Sara, was number 121. Not my favorite name. It's my name and I have to agree about the stale and boring part. I still like it, but it's just personal taste. Zara, Sarah's a perfectly nice name, and I know my feelings about it are unfair since I like/love a great many classic names others would deem overused, boring, unimaginative, stale. Sadie, To rate names on Nameberry, please register for an account or log in to an existing account. This just looks so much nicer than Sara, too. Sarka It's classic, easy to pronounce and feminine. Plus I typically don't like the -h ending on girl's names- Hanna>Hannah, Nora> Norah, and I do like Sara better than Sarah, and I find it slightly less meh. It's personal taste. Lv 7. (Spanish) I agree about Claire, but I guess we'll have to agree to differ on Sarah. Please give me the 10 points for best answer!! 4 Answers. Sarette, We don't only sell subs but fries, chicken strips, fried fish, philly cheese steaks, sausages, breakfast burritos..... You get the idea. The Sara spelling is another popular option, and diminutives Sadie and Sally are used independently. In the Bible, Sarah is the wife of Abraham.Although originally named Sarai, at the age of 90 G-d changes it to Sarah and blesses her with the birth of Isaac.. Sarah falls into the name categories biblical, classic, royal title.. I like Sarah though, and Sara too, when pronounced correctly. It’s also horrible how many times someone has called my name and it was for someone else, then that person looks at you like your mental. Sarah is a feminine given name found in many different areas of the world. 10 Answers. Beautiful and classic, consistently popular for good reason - love Sally and Sadie, also. Word play with the name Sarah?????!!!? Sarah was a Top 10 name from 1978 to 2002, and though it has slipped in popularity, it's still a widely used name. In England, Sarah came into use after … It does take away from any name when it's over-used, though. In Arabic, Sarah translates to joy and delight. Sarah is still widely used, but with such a range of images and variations that any child can make it her own. when I was little I was convinced I would have a daughter named Sarah :) I would still use it, as a tribute to Sarah Michelle Gellar. But it is all opinion. A few of her many prominent namesakes are iconic actress Sarah Bernhardt, jazz singer Sarah Vaughan, comedian Sarah Silverman, and actress/fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker. One of the main characters in my novel is called Sarah, and she's lovely. Dang it, my parents considered Ursula, which would have suited me so much better! Saraqa Favourite answer. Please add to or correct the information provided by other members of the Nameberry community. It's such a boring name for me. She was barren until she unexpectedly became pregnant with Isaac at the age of 90. Australia's Most Popular Baby Names Show Unique Style, Name Sage: Choosing Cute Classic Girl Names.

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