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I thought of getting in touch with the Southern Daily Echo newspaper to see if they covered fit. Wish I was down south, so much history on the south coast. In fact I think I’ve also seen the pic you mention with the two bobbies holding parts of the debris. Hi John, I have taken a look but have found nothing concrete I’m afraid. I just wondered does anyone have any information about the plane and possibly a picture? O’Brien and Pilot Officer R.F.T. Parker simply records Ofw Platt “who died aboard Heinkel 1H+JD”, But in “Images of War – Luftwaffe Bombers in the Blitz 1940 – 1941” by Andy Saunders (you can get a free pdf of this book – or at least the relevant pages – online), the author says, Wilhelm Markl. The father of another school friend, Bryan Cozens, assisted the firemen. At the Banbury processing plant, workers carry a section of the Dornier 17 fuselage brought from the crash site at Paddock Wood on 3 July 1940 (see page 19). Does anyone have some info regarding a German bomber (possibly a HE111) that may have crash landed in Stanway, Essex? I’m new to these sites but wonder if anyone can help me. This page has a couple of images of what this Bf110 probably looked like – the camo pattern is similar to the one in the grainy image of the aircraft in Parker and this is the same model, the variant having a larger capacity fuel tank. On the 6th May 1964 at 23.50,WZ363 crashed into farmland near Market Rasen in Lincolnshire. Main thing I know of Croydon was the KLM air disaster. I don’t suppose you ever visited that part of the country? There was also a Tempest and a Typhoon crashing at Netherfield. Warm Regards, Keith Williams. There are 12 volumes – I have been looking at vol 8 – but let me know if you come across other info and would like me to check the other books. On the local library point I am seeing the Verger tomorrow who knows the history of the village well and she also hopefully will be able to put me intouch with the local historian. I live near Wilmington in East Sussex and heard a story recently from an elderly gentleman who was evacuated here in 1940. Not being familiar with the area, I had a map centred on the villages in the area. Three Hurricanes then came up from the southwards and gave the German two or three bursts of fire and he fell into the sea. Further details are available on the gov.uk web site. Will take another look and get back to you over the weekend. Hi, I was at Goudhurst earlier today with my father. Thanks. This mechanism had composition (not metal) teeth and incorporated a condenser marked Germany on it.This aircraft crashed on a farm near Honiton, Devonshire in 1940/41 I believe while minelaying I read about this many years in a book in a public library.Have you any information on this? Do you recall where abouts you saw the crosses ? I am beginning to wonder if this is not a V1 crater as 19 seem to have been recorded around Mountfield….I will keep looking. The local Hampshire Chronicle rarely if ever published photos but no doubt carried a story. If you want to learn even more about this crash site there was an article written by Andy Saunders in the January 2009 issue of Britain at War magazine titled “A Far from Ordinary Pond”. Major Henderson the then owner said he didn’t want the site touched but he died some years ago so things might have changed now I think they were after the two engines which I think are still in the ground you could try battle of Britain maybe A story was relayed to the author of a German aircraft – reportedly a Bf109 or Bf110 but I cannot imagine a fighter coming so far inland – being shot down by the RAF at Bingham and some girls saw the pilot parachute down, whereupon they and a farmhand with a pitchfork apprehended him. A few days later, knowing my love of history, he gave me the number plates & the pilots collar rank insignia & cloth bullion pilots badge, all slightly damaged by aviation fuel but clearly recognisable. Take care and all the best, keep in touch. The site can tell people exactly when their area was hit, and even show photos from the period. if You want to with a Metal Detector I would like to Do a Few bomb Sites in Essex if you Wish to Take Part One at Runwell Hospital Wickford and A few at Southend.as I Can do with Someone More exp With me. My problem is that I do not remember which year that was. They scavenged souvenirs (perhaps on their way to school, most likely) from the crash site before local authorities could seal it off. I also am hoping to see the Sound Mirrors on the Sussex coast at some time which I thought were unique until I came across your photo’s. I saw no detail about a Polish Hurricane pilot, what I have is reference to it being shot down by Spitfires and the crew bailed out. But if you know it came in over your house, I suspect you have already looked. The aircraft came down at Blatchington Golf Course and the crew survived – except one who had bailed out. We used old photos from newspapers to help pinpoint the location of a Luftwaffe crash site on the east coast of Yorkshire last year. A single seat FW190 crashed much nearer at Jevington on 7 Dec 1942 but that would be a single crewman. I visited the fantastic Battle of Britain Museum at The famous Battle of Britain Airfield ( Hawking) Kent . 374 shot down, more than any other District in Kent Sussex Surrey or Essex. I note you said you went there on you bicycle and found a few bits of twisted metal. Many thanks for your prompt reply Ian. Lots of “Queen Marys” (long low-loaders) with bits and pieces aircraft on them ( I once saw a very flash, brand new Spitfire of a very late mark, on one. Local school children, including my 14 year old day, heard of the crash and were soon on it the next morning. So wonder if you might be able to assist. Am a bit tied up with work but will see if I can get some more detail and photos to you next week. My father and pals managed to gather souvenirs before being chased away by the home guard. “Bob” Doe) of No.234 Squadron, during an armed reconnaissance over southern England. Did the Luftwaffe use self-sealing fuel tanks? At about 6:30pm, after flying low over cottages in the village of West Woodhay, it struck Walbury Hill about 100 feet from the top. Sad to say, there were many more important matters to deal with at the time, bombing raids in particular. I know there is a grave for a German in the local churchyard and assume he was one of the crew. Our website works best with the latest version of the browsers below, unfortunately your browser is not supported. I used to keep a diary, but am not sure if I sill have any from the War years. Military aircraft crash sites may be recognised as archaeological sites and the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979, includes within its definition of monument, ‘crashed aircraft or the remains thereof'. It’s the writing in the middle of the back that I cannot identify. He says he remembers it in the fifties when he was young and went hop picking. Stanhoe Parish Council Minutes - 9 July 2020, Stanhoe Parish Council Accounts 2019/2020 - Notice of Public Rights. Even in the 1990s, there is one site on these pages where the pilot’s body remains at the crash site because it could not be recovered. Does anyone have any clues? The fact that those young men all died on the same date suggest otherwise. Anyway if there is anything in that book that you think would help then please let me know or email me. who stood staring at the gathered crowd and the crowd staring back. There were so many terrible tragedies during those months… I could not believe my eyes at some of the ‘acounts’ of the battle that I saw at the Museum… at ” Hawkinge ” Lastly my Friend who accompanied me Think’s that he saw the Engine on display of the plane that had shot the bf109 down which had itself been attacked four days later over kent and come down taking a young British Pilot to his death … How sad that – if so – Both Engins of both planes sit close to each other at the Battle of Britain Museum todaay 75 years on.. Kind regards Ray Hill. Here are the planes ID numbers again as my original reply has been ‘waiting for moderation’ for a few says now? Thanks Ian, yep Keep it Uryens catches a few people out. J. Koidl, http://www.ramsburyatwar.com/crashes/Ju188.htm, http://www.hungerfordvirtualmuseum.co.uk/index.php/10-themes/736-police. If you are this is Michael here, Martin`s ex brother in law and brother to Shirley, cheers. I asked that and then saw you had already mentioned the BoB! My other purchase is crashed parts of a Messershmitt BF109E5/JG26, flown by Uffz Wemhoner and shot down over Folkestone,Kent, the plane crashed at Tappington Hall farm, Denton, Kent, does anyone have any information on this ? 361/W/N5532 HE111 30-8-40 17.15 Next Line…3/KG53 A1 + JL (J in yellow) Lifstan Way Southend Next Line… 2xPOW,bailed out 3xkilled uterofizierPilot- Helmut Gall. John Laing Collection JLP01/08/007475, New Heritage Partnership Agreement Signed at King's Cross Station, Brixton Windmill - Friends of Brixton Windmill. I got close a few years back but couldn’t quite get there. It seems to be folklore in the area, but no-one has any real detail. but I believe it should be done as a sign of respect to all those young men on both sides who died in this terrible conflict. Thanks Simon, I had a look at your site, stared at the word KEEPITURYENS for a few seconds before realising it was Excalibur! Hi David, if you can recall the date – or even the year – painted on the crosses, that would help as all Luftwaffe losses are listed in Nigel Parker’s Luftwaffe Crash Archive. At least one other Luftwaffe pilot, Alfred Hoffman was also buried here in September. I was on my way to school when it emerged right above me at about 800ft from a low nimbus that clagged everything in. The bomber was an He111H-6 serial 6N+HR which crashed at 2.55am. If I can make contact with you perhaps I can share paragraphs of details with you. I thought I’d ask here as apparently the crash is mentioned in Vol 2 Luftwaffe Crash Archives as well as Andy Saunders “Finding the Foe” (Chapter 8), 60024/67 FF Obergefr Gerhard FREUDE 14.10.18 Koslitz, Luben If an excavation license is granted it offers advice on best professional practice.

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