yun express fake

Wel geld terug gekregen uiteindelijk maar ik ga daar NOOIT MEER DAAR BESTELLEN !!! Great Service !!! Dus komt mijn pakket van heel ver. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. Tried calling but put into vm.

Now I have to refund hundreds of dollars to my customers. Yunexpress is a scam, they use venmo accounts and pay pal accounts to filter money through amazon, ebay , and any other site they can attach a fake fund account. I made Snow Trips ski & snowboarding trip planning and ski resort comparison app.

Yun Express strives to constantly pursue speedy delivery, best service quality and low shipping cost for their clients. So imagine my surprise (and frankly slight disappointment) when the parcel arrived 2 weeks earlier than expected containing exactly what I ordered. The company connects eTailers with their international consumers around the world by providing easy to use, affordable, and fast shipping solutions. By delivering over 500,000 parcels a day for 10,000 clients around the globe, YunExpress is helping to create loyal shoppers for its client’s online stores by increasing overall purchase satisfaction.

YunExpress currently has 2 offices in Shenzhen and branches particularly in Fujian Province, Shanghai, Yiwu, Chengdu, Xiamen and Guangzhou. Tried 10 times to track my order and it was terrible!!! YunExpress shipments are delivered to United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, United States, Portugal, Sweden, Norway and other countries.
Offical website offers limited tracking, but frequently provides additional tracking number for it's logistical partner, for final delivery to you. They claim they delivered my package but I never received it. And that was true. Download Parcels app for iPhone or Android to always know where your packages are, and get Push notifications when package tracking changes. Yuntrack reviews are pretty good. No way to contact carrier on their website. If you’re a frequent shopper from these marketplaces, you may have already noticed it as one of the shipping method options. Package can easily be tracked online at, and

A WEEK from China to Poland.
En vandaag 9 september ontvangen. Poor . Looks like fraud.

Till now it is still in transit from china to UK. die wahrscheinliche Zeit zur Lieferung zur Verfügung zu stellen. All rights reserved. Das wichtigste Ziel unser Paketverfolgung ist es, dem Kunden Aussagen über den Werdegang ihrer Sendung, den Status der Lieferung, sowie den eventuellen Liefertermin bzw. NO response to emails or phone calls to Yun Express. Very happy with the speed of the shipment.

I never received my package, it said it was delivered but I never got it. received several packages with Yunexpress and always arrived within several days. Let us track your Yun Express package for you, our universal postal tracker will find any new tracking numbers, query additional courier companies and will provide you with complete history and current status of your Yun Express parcel. YunExpress designs and manage the entire logistics chain in-house from the first mile, to sortation in their hub warehouses, to customs clearance at the destinations, and the last mile/delivery. Handle thousands of parcels daily to 200 countries worldwide. To track Yun Express AM in readable and correct English, enter the tracking number in the search box above to find where your package is.

I don't know what you people are talking about the bad service and all. I am also a seller and wonder how to contact them to send my parcels from Netherlands to USA.

Sellers on online marketplaces like AliExpress, eBay, Joom, Amazon began to use the services of Yun Express, due to excessive load and slow delivery of China Post. YunExpress is basically for companies wanting to expand their businesses globally without having to spend a lot of money for logistics. Experiences with Yun Express? KEEP AWAY FROM "YUN EXPRESS" & "HOUSELLY", I GOT CAUGHT BY THIS COMPANY. They just said they left it with a “parcel connect agent” for me to collect but no adress or name of a shop given.

World govts should should shut this sham company down!! With their facilities and equipment, one can be sure that their shipment is in good hands. YunExpress is partnered with leading logistics companies around the world and chooses which local courier can deliver your package the cheapest way possible. If you’re a frequent shopper from these marketplaces, you may have already noticed it as one of the shipping method options. Absolute rubbish! Received my shipment 4 days after placing order . I live in Australia, number to contact em fails, they recieved shipping details 8 days ago- still coming up processing- nothing is happening-can’t get in contact-seen mostly bad reviews—very worried-one app has stated there has been NO movement of the parcel. Reading other reviews it seems this is happening a lot with this company therefore I am going to lodge a complaint with eBay. The tracking system is pretty janky in a sense that the updates are really slow. Total trash. Experiences with Yun Express? and I've been emailing them and having no reply. !!!FRAUD!!! Yun Express Reviews . Not the fastest but still in a acceptable time frame. In 2014, a couple of eCommerce sellers realized that cross-border eCommerce needed better shipping solutions. YunExpress is partnered with leading marketplaces like Ebay, AliExpress, Amazon and Wish. Don't worry your parcel is safe and sound. This is fraud. For example.

Then they magically disapear and so does "Your tracking number and order number" these con artists know exactly what they are doing. I got an answer the next day. 3.3. from 0 - 10. Review company .

They gave no address or whatsoever where to collect the parcel. They make fake account apps, to steal your money. Seriously disappointed ☹️, Made an order from shooptional since 5th of this month haven’t seen it yet. 21-11-16, 11:49. YunExpress USA is a leading DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) e-commerce shipping solution provider from the U.S. to Europe, Australia and Asia. They specialize in e-commerce, logistics operation, IT and so on areas. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. After the package has gone through customs control, the package is then transferred to another cheap local courier for delivery. With its 4 years’ experience, it has developed efficient procedures to ship worldwide, a global IT system to track shipments, and excellent facilities and equipments. Pakket is onderweg, nog even geduld! Yun Express is just one of the logistical partners between online seller and you. Maar waarom moet dit zo lang duren? This is based on a mistaken assumption that Yun Express does final delivery of packages.

My order was placed on 30th of October, while it got shipped on 12th of November. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today!

How is this company even existing? I checked them out on TrustPilot and resigned myself to either - watching the tracking as the parcel circumnavigated the world or the parcel arriving in 2027 containing a plastic bag and nothing else. YunTrack tracking often ends with mystifying status Package arrived at the carrier facility (Yunexpress's Track End). thanks China for a horrible company!! This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by any business listed on this page nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by any other company listed on this page. Your order has been submitted, please wait for our system to confirm, Package has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier, Departure from airport to destination country, Package arrived at the carrier facility(Track End), Package arrived at the carrier facility (Yunexpress's Track End), Dispatch from the point of origin international office, SHENZHEN - CHINA, Departed Facility in SHENZHEN, SHENZHEN - CHINA, Arrived at Sort Facility in SHENZHEN, Departed Facility in HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Arrived at Sort Facility HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Item Posted Over The Counter to Kazakstan, Arrived at BRUSSELS AIRPORT , Custom clearance processing, Item Posted Over The Counter to Russian Federation, the parcel has been returned to the sender, Hong Kong post office,Receive item from customer. If your tracking number from Amazon begins with YT or order tracking page says Shipped with Yun Express, you can be sure you'll be able to track your package from pickup to delivery.

Yun Express shipping method from many AliExpress sellers is included in the free shipping of Sellers Shipping Method. Fraudulent company used by other chinese companies like jinzhu network technology (another fraudulent) in order to post fake deliveries and avoid disputed chargebacks by paypal users who never received items. 10 juli wat besteld. I'm pretty sure I just got screwed out of a lot of money. After the package has gone through customs control, the package is then transferred to another cheap local courier for delivery. YunExpress is a Chinese logistics company founded in April 2014. Package never arrived. But for my surprise, the next day of giving up on it, i received the package, very well packaged and took less than a half of the time advertised. But why does this have to take so long? Good Job Yun! YunTrack phone number doesn't appear anywhere on

API is available for clients to integrate seamlessly. They cooperate with the world's leading postal networks and specializes in air freight, commercial and customs clearance, as well as FBA delivery. Papo. YunExpress works like a shipping broker in China – an intermediary between world’s leading logistics companies and merchants/ marketplaces. If you're thinking of using Yun Express to send a parcel, think again. Courier collects or receives packages to be shipped out of China – and sends it to YunExpress carrier facility.

With our postal tracker you can track Yun Express US Direct, Yun Express UK, Yun Express Canada. Yun Express tracking is not fake, every status is legitimate. They ship lots of packages around the world and you can track your package using our universal tracker. Basically, when a customer places an order, the merchant sends the package directly to YunExpress and lets it do all the job to have the package delivered to the customer. I also made Parcels package tracking app, download it Parcels for iOS or Parcels for Android. YunExpress is constantly adapting and improving our logistics supply-chain processes as evolving markets and laws dictate. I have had an order that took 25 days to clear customs in LA and has been stuck in waiting for courier status a week now. Routing information are detailed and updated in a timely manner. Yun Express tracking is not fake, every status is legitimate.

Using that new tracking number will give you more information regarding your parcel movement. Outrageous service, losing packages and not knowing where they are. 2020-10-29 10:49:09 . Could you provide us the best rates because we have a large shipment(almost 3000 shipments per day)? You will find out that the parcel sent by Yun Express after the seller has sent the parcel and gave you the tracking number. YunExpress is a Chinese logistics company founded in April 2014. BEWARE WHO EVER THESE PEOPLE ARE ARE THIEVES, Been notified that a parcel has been delivered when it hasn’t been delivered.

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